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Humidity is not kind to my hair or camera lens.


These summer days have been reminding me of the hot and humid days in Iowa that I would spend with the Conrad’s as a child. Driving through the country side, getting sticky from the humidity, and having summer fun.

The kids are smelly, the days are long, the sun is hot, and it’s all great. Life just kinda happens and many of my weeks and moments are gone with a blink of an eye. I love seeing the smiling faces of children everyday. One camper last week told me I have the best job because I “get to ride around on a scooter and take pictures all day.” He is pretty correct on that one. I love this summer job.

Life tends to happen in ways I don’t plan. I should’ve realized that by now, I keep planning and thinking things are going to happen a certain way and then nope, something throws me a curve ball and my whole life suddenly become vastly different. Things have gotten complicated, exciting, and a little bit scary, but mostly exciting. I’m excited to see what happens in the next month. And for now, I’m just going to take things one day at a time.

I have over one thousand pictures to go through from this week. Plus probably another several hundred from today.
Bring. it. on.


picture was taken out on Ron Smith Memorial Hwy by East Bay Camp. This is right after it rained and this photo just shows a glimpse of the humidity. yuck.


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happiness is…

drinking vanilla bean soda. smiling at all the little things. designing something that just looks totally rad. knowing that something crappy is going on with your body but you are working at making it better and that working makes you feel better. knowing that you’re human. discovering a new musical artist. getting to be a huge witness of God’s love. eating healthy. yoga. amazing friends. hope. conversations where you just smile the entire time. the excitement of seeing the giraffe you have adopted.

Last week I spent being a camp counselor at East Bay camp, just north of Bloomington. Holy oh my goodness, it was an amazing experience. I don’t know why I’ve never done this before but working with wonderful people and having a good group of girls made it so rewarding. And honestly, I didn’t mind not having air conditioning or anything like that. Living out in the woods was pretty chill and I’m certain I could’ve done it for a summer.

Everything is just about to get crazy. I have Julie moving in soon, school is starting, and life will continue to go on.


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priming woes

No amount of photoshop will make what’s going on in this photo any better.

What is going on you may ask?
Priming. And a whole lot of it. Painting too. My week has been consumed by the two. And I’m pretty sure I’ve lost a few brain cells due to it all. And priming is seriously the worst. I don’t know if you’ve ever primed, or even just painted, but priming takes forever to wash off. Painting is nice because if it gets on you, it’ll come right off in the shower, but priming…nope. It’s here to stay. It’s like a clingy ex-boyfriend who won’t leave you alone or get off of you. Example, I showered and for a good 10 minutes I just scrubbed and scrubbed…and there is still a bunch of primer all over me.

Since this picture was taken, all the door frames and doors have been primed and painted with multiple coats. So that’s an awesome thing.

The Wesley Foundation, where I work, play, study, and hang out at, is getting a semi new look. The work is hard, on Tuesday I worked 12 hours, but the pay off is good. This place is such a wonderful place and a second home to many and making it more “user friendly” is definitely a good thing.

And thanks to Courtney, I’ve listened to a whole bunch of country for the past two weeks. I can’t complain!

So, this is what my life has been. And I’ll do a happy dance when it’s all done.


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Rockets red glare. Booms bursting.
I hope you had a good 4th.


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a post pertaining to picnics and a playlist

photo cred to twig & thistle

I love picnics. A whole lot. I like being outside, sitting on a blanket and enjoying a meal with the best scenery that no restaurant could ever have (except maybe somewhere in Hawaii…). And if you get to enjoy it with someone special, well that makes it all the better.

Almost anything can have a soundtrack I believe. Does this include picnics? Of course. I most recently semi went on an excellent one and because I felt inspired to do so, here’s my picnic playlist for my most recent picnic.

Carol Brown-Flight of the Conchords
Sunny Afternoon-The Kinks
In The Summertime-Mungo Jerry
Airplanes-Local Natives
Such Great Heights-The Postal Service
Vaporize-Broken Bells
I Was Made for You-She & Him
Sweet Disposition-The Temper Trap
Sweet Caroline-Neil Diamond
Take It Easy-Surfer Blood
Sun Hands-Local Natives
My Boys-Taken By Trees
Wouldn’t It Be Nice-The Beach Boys
In The Summertime-The Rural Alberta Advantage
Don’t Look Back-She & Him
Baby I’m Yours-The Arctic Monkeys
Relator-Pete Yorn & Scarlett Johansson
Postcard From 1952-Explosions In The Sky
Holocene-Bon Iver
Strawberry Swing-Coldplay
Feel It All Around-Washed Out
Summer Skin-Death Cab for Cutie
Fader-The Temper Trap
The Suburbs-Arcade Fire
Summertime-Scarlett Johansson
I’ve Got This Friend-The Civil Wars
Home-Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros
Do You Know What It Means to Miss New Orleans-Billie Holiday
Island In The Sun-Weezer



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missing the summer

I have gotten so far behind on pictures. It’s terrible. But since I have a full time job, I get weekends off. It’s excellent. So after going out for lunch for Bartel’s birthday…and doing errands with Courtney, I am relaxing while hanging out with friends and photo editing. I have to ask myself…is there anything better?

These photos go all the way back to August of this last night. Holy oh my goodness. The weekend after my birthday, my parents and I went to Lake Charleston for a picnic and then went wine tasting. Best birthday present. It may be weird to some but I love spending time with my parents and family.
And now I’m all nostalgic for summer and going to the lake.


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thistle vintage

Kansas City is truly beautiful. Every time we are headed there, I always play Kansas City by Wilbert Harrison. I can’t explain it, but that song just puts me in the mood and gets me excited. It’s a must for my travels.

When were on our way to downtown Kansas City and we passed this building with the most wonderful purple door. I wanted to stop there but we decided to keep going. As were leaving to go home, I really wanted to stop by this shop because it intrigued me so much. We went by it and stop and saw two ladies by the door. I got out of the car to see if they were open and she said no, but we could go in and she would open it for us. (Inside I was quite ecstatic.) And upon entering, this is what I saw:

Amazingly beautiful, am I right? This is Thistle. They have vintage and repurposed goods; and if I could imagine what heaven looks like, this is probably it. If you are in the Kansas City area, you HAVE to check this place out. You will not regret it.
Check them out at Facebook/Website/Flickr/Twitter



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