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trying to find inspiration


Lately, I’ve found myself lacking inspiration. I feel like my daily life is very routine, stressful, and busy. I rarely have moments of actual relaxation. Among other things, I don’t feel like my usual self and I desperately want to get back to whoever I was and whatever I was working towards becoming. In an effort to find a muse or to bring back my inspiration, I am holding myself to a daily photo challenge. Whether it’s a photo with my iPhone, my SLR, or my DSLR, I want to hold myself accountable to make an effort to be something of an artist, to find that beauty in everyday life.

Monday, October 14, 2013: Marie and Alaska love to slink outside as soon I come home and open the door. My little stoop is small but paradise seems to come in the form of rolling around on the concrete for them. Also, Marie is getting really fat.



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a good understanding


So I may not know what she’s meant by this but my great grandmother was amazingly artistic and clever. So many pictures in this photo album are just these really neat artistic shots and pictures of her friends and to be able to see into her life like this is simply wonderful.


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sometimes i’m not very good at waiting. right now i’m waiting for my sheets to dry so i can put them on my bed and go to sleep. i don’t like waiting.
i’m waiting for tomorrow morning to get here so i can go to the post office. i still don’t like waiting.
i’m waiting for january second to get here. i definitely don’t like waiting.

taking film photos on this baby is teaching me patience. i like learning about photography. i like not knowing what the pictures are going to turn out like. i also like knowing i’ve got some skills.
so maybe i’ll be great after all. but i also don’t like waiting for that either.



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this is my august break

I tried to do this last year and I failed. And I’ll probably fail at it again this year. AND it’s not really a break since I don’t post super often anyway. But I digress.

August Break is this wonderful concept started by Susannah. Basically, it’s just a way for you to post about your daily life and not have to get too wordy about it. There really isn’t any rules, which is awesome. You can do it in the way you want and the way that fits your style. I’m down!

Also, I will warn you, there will be a lot of posts about my cats. Sorry, not sorry.




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august break

August is a month of life. It’s also a good assumption that it’s my favorite month as well. And while there will be a lot going on, I want to share so much with ya’ll. A photo everyday sounds about right :) (check out more info here)


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52 weeks {week 3}

I promise I’m not dead :) It’s just a busy week for me as I’ll be moving back to Charleston this weekend and I’m still looking for a job!
This weekend though was the Mahomet high school Variety Show. I used to be student director for it way back when and this year both my parents and my bro were a part of it. I was so proud of my bro (and my parents, haha) and it was a joy to watch :)

I love my family <3

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52 weeks {week 2} (and make your own magazine table!)

I’m kinda using this post as a two for one :)
For the longest time I’ve always wanted to make this magazine table. I found the idea about 3 years ago and I just thought it was so rad. I’m also terrible about throwing things away, so I have a whole hoard of magazines that are just begging to be used for something.

See what I mean? (and this was after I made the table!)

All you need are magazines. Simple right? And basically all you do is fold the page in toward the binding. When your done with that, take the covers and bring them over the first and last page loop.
And the folds don’t all have to be the same size!

My uncle gives us subscriptions to National Geographic each year for Christmas, so that’s what I used for mine :)


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52 weeks

I once tried to do a project 365 and I lasted until mid February. I got so busy that I just forgot about taking a picture each day. But taking at least one picture each week? I can certainly do that! That’s why I’m loving The Dainty Squid‘s 52 weeks (of Instax) idea. While I would love to own a Instax, I simply do not. And I only have 20 pictures of Polaroid film left and I’m kind of keeping them for as long as I can. But that’s okay! Because taking a digital picture is just as good! (or you could even use a disposable camera!) I’m super excited to start this. It’s such a good way to document your year in an easy way!

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