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life outtakes

Photo on 8-31-13 at 1.17 PM #5Photo on 8-31-13 at 1.18 PM

I’ve currently got Alaska snuggled up next to me and Marie is at my feet. I’m still in my Sunday best and Etta James is coming through my speakers. It’s moments like these I hold onto when my days seem dark.

It’s so nice to be back at photography in an artistic manner. As much as I loved it this summer, taking photos on film have so much more of a creative aspect. And the fact that I have will have three showpieces by the end of the semester make doing this so much cooler (there really is no better word to describe that, haha).

Other things that are wonderful:

  • I’ve lost weight. I don’t weigh myself for personal reason, so I don’t really know how much, but my pants fit looser and my belt is now too big. I’m going to beat this stupid condition of mine. I am.
  • I’m FINALLY making headway on knitting a blanket. My goal is to actually finish it.
  • I’m creating a website again this month. And doing a lot more design type things. It’s starting to feel like this life I’m working towards is actually happening.
  • There might be a second job in my near future…which I desperately need.
  • My talks with God each day reveal how great and loving He is.

I’m excited for this semester. Things are happening and I know that I’m gonna be great.

Also, this music is great. Check them out. Their sound gets right to my heart and fills my whole being.




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coffee shop blogging


Oh, umm, it’s Friday? This weeks has gone by in the blink of an eye. Despite the stress and busy life I currently have, I was constantly reminded each day this week that there is a ton of good in my life. Loni and I sat in her kitchen late Wednesday night and even though we both have had a long day, we couldn’t help but smile. And in that moment I felt great and so happy that I get to be stressed over things like making a heading design or doing laundry. And even though some of my health problems have resurfaced this week, I will continue to keep remembering that thing could be, and have been, much worse.


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some nights

I used to be really envious of all my friends who had found someone who they care so deeply for and who made them so entirely happy. I’ve been in a lot of really crappy relationships and honestly finding a good man seemed so impossible. Until Tanner. I don’t need to go into detail about him because the only important thing is that he makes happy. And he completely likes me for me. Weird, silly, thoughtful, laughing me.
okay so two things. and there’s a lot more.
but he’s the bee’s knees.


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think apples

Fall is awesome. I mean, who doesn’t like fall? The leaves changing colors, the heat dying down, and bonfires. So wonderful. The other day a couple of friends and I went to the apple orchard a little up north, right by where my parents live. We had such a good time and while we didn’t take home any apples or pumpkins, we enjoyed ourselves. That is, until on the way home we hydroplaned into a ditch. But we’re okay. So yay!

Also goats are ugly (but kinda cute I guess) animals.

Now I just need a good fall playlist.



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sometimes i’m not very good at waiting. right now i’m waiting for my sheets to dry so i can put them on my bed and go to sleep. i don’t like waiting.
i’m waiting for tomorrow morning to get here so i can go to the post office. i still don’t like waiting.
i’m waiting for january second to get here. i definitely don’t like waiting.

taking film photos on this baby is teaching me patience. i like learning about photography. i like not knowing what the pictures are going to turn out like. i also like knowing i’ve got some skills.
so maybe i’ll be great after all. but i also don’t like waiting for that either.



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it’s a day.


It’s one of those days I tell ya, one of those days.

As I look out on my back patio and see Laurel’s outdoor thermometer, it shows it’s around 100 degrees today and I just want to yell “suck!”. It might make me feel better.

I have a headache, I have a test tomorrow, I have twenty million things to do (okay, so I may be exaggerating) and I’m pretty sure it’s going to rain today…which any other day I would very much welcome but I’m in the process of doing laundry and I need to hang it up outside. Another suck.

But despite this all, I have so many awesome things I’m looking forward to, and that is what’s srsly keeping me going. Visits to wonderful people, the start of school and so many other things.

Life is good. Sometime I just need to rant.


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happiness is…

drinking vanilla bean soda. smiling at all the little things. designing something that just looks totally rad. knowing that something crappy is going on with your body but you are working at making it better and that working makes you feel better. knowing that you’re human. discovering a new musical artist. getting to be a huge witness of God’s love. eating healthy. yoga. amazing friends. hope. conversations where you just smile the entire time. the excitement of seeing the giraffe you have adopted.

Last week I spent being a camp counselor at East Bay camp, just north of Bloomington. Holy oh my goodness, it was an amazing experience. I don’t know why I’ve never done this before but working with wonderful people and having a good group of girls made it so rewarding. And honestly, I didn’t mind not having air conditioning or anything like that. Living out in the woods was pretty chill and I’m certain I could’ve done it for a summer.

Everything is just about to get crazy. I have Julie moving in soon, school is starting, and life will continue to go on.


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priming woes

No amount of photoshop will make what’s going on in this photo any better.

What is going on you may ask?
Priming. And a whole lot of it. Painting too. My week has been consumed by the two. And I’m pretty sure I’ve lost a few brain cells due to it all. And priming is seriously the worst. I don’t know if you’ve ever primed, or even just painted, but priming takes forever to wash off. Painting is nice because if it gets on you, it’ll come right off in the shower, but priming…nope. It’s here to stay. It’s like a clingy ex-boyfriend who won’t leave you alone or get off of you. Example, I showered and for a good 10 minutes I just scrubbed and scrubbed…and there is still a bunch of primer all over me.

Since this picture was taken, all the door frames and doors have been primed and painted with multiple coats. So that’s an awesome thing.

The Wesley Foundation, where I work, play, study, and hang out at, is getting a semi new look. The work is hard, on Tuesday I worked 12 hours, but the pay off is good. This place is such a wonderful place and a second home to many and making it more “user friendly” is definitely a good thing.

And thanks to Courtney, I’ve listened to a whole bunch of country for the past two weeks. I can’t complain!

So, this is what my life has been. And I’ll do a happy dance when it’s all done.


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weekends that could go on forever

Oh what a lovely weekend I’ve had. It’s been filled with delicious food, amazing friends and sleep. Oh my goodness, I love having my weekend to sleep in. It’s like..a reward for all the hard work I’ve put in throughout the week. And boy do I love rewards. I’m trying to think of my favorite thing from this weekend but I really can’t. Friday was wonderful because after work I got Thai food with the ever lovely Carolyn (who was my house guest) and Pat and stuffed myself silly. And I got to experience the bar that is Marty’s and rang in Josh’s birthday. What a guy. Saturday was relaxing and chill & Sunday was filled with Foundation activities, ending with an amazing small group and movie time with Sarah.
Can every weekend just extend itself a few more days?
I guess that’s what we have vacations for

Also, this girl is amazing. I love spending time with her.


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morning routine

My favorite thing about mornings is not only getting to decided what I’m eating on dinner break, but it’s having this lovely routine of getting myself ready for the day. I love waking up to my alarm, having the cats curled up to me and then taking a shower, dress, feed cats, eat breakfast and relaxing for a moment. It’s honestly something new for me since I used to just wake up, put on some clothes and head out the door (woo college). But for now, I like this sense of control.

And making my lunch? Best thing ever. I do this thing where I pick out healthy foods and then I just honestly feel better about everything. For at least a little bit. And avocados are pretty much the bees knees. Kaitlyn tip: they go great on top of a spinach salad.

Things are looking better, I’m feeling happier and Alaska keep on insisting that my lap can hold both her and my computer. (Spoiler alert: it really can’t.)


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