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trying to find inspiration


Lately, I’ve found myself lacking inspiration. I feel like my daily life is very routine, stressful, and busy. I rarely have moments of actual relaxation. Among other things, I don’t feel like my usual self and I desperately want to get back to whoever I was and whatever I was working towards becoming. In an effort to find a muse or to bring back my inspiration, I am holding myself to a daily photo challenge. Whether it’s a photo with my iPhone, my SLR, or my DSLR, I want to hold myself accountable to make an effort to be something of an artist, to find that beauty in everyday life.

Monday, October 14, 2013: Marie and Alaska love to slink outside as soon I come home and open the door. My little stoop is small but paradise seems to come in the form of rolling around on the concrete for them. Also, Marie is getting really fat.



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morning routine

My favorite thing about mornings is not only getting to decided what I’m eating on dinner break, but it’s having this lovely routine of getting myself ready for the day. I love waking up to my alarm, having the cats curled up to me and then taking a shower, dress, feed cats, eat breakfast and relaxing for a moment. It’s honestly something new for me since I used to just wake up, put on some clothes and head out the door (woo college). But for now, I like this sense of control.

And making my lunch? Best thing ever. I do this thing where I pick out healthy foods and then I just honestly feel better about everything. For at least a little bit. And avocados are pretty much the bees knees. Kaitlyn tip: they go great on top of a spinach salad.

Things are looking better, I’m feeling happier and Alaska keep on insisting that my lap can hold both her and my computer. (Spoiler alert: it really can’t.)


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my little family.

I love my little family.

This is Alaska (on my chest) and Marie (on top of the chair). They are my darling kitties and we hang out quite often. From early morning purrs in my ears, obnoxious meows at 7:30 AM telling me they want breakfast, to many nap time cuddles, wrestling matches with each other and constant curiousness; these kittens have a huge hold of my heart and they make me smile.
I love my darlings.

And I didn’t forget out Felix. Mr. Hamster is old and cranky and chooses to sleep most of them time. I love my buddy too.



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calming milk

Sometimes a simple glass of chocolate milk in the morning makes everything better. Especially when you’ve been dealing with hives from an allergic reaction.

Summer has flown by so quickly already. This upcoming weekend is my Peer Minister retreat and then the weekend after that is my cousin’s wedding! And in less than a month, classes start and which my birthday is the same day :)
I’ve been busy working, hanging out with my kittens and Felix, spending wonderful time  my lovely Foundation friends and crafting for my upcoming Etsy site (more on that later!). I’ve been living on my own which has been a new experience for me but I think I’ve grown a lot. Being responsible for yourself completely is a big step and sometimes I have to remind myself that I’m going to be 22 in less than a month. There’s always a part of me that still wants to be a teenager and just live at home with my parents and I wonder if that feeling is the same for most young adults. I could be me just missing my family but sometimes all of this stresses me out. That’s when I need to remind myself to take a deep breath, take one thing at a time and just be trusting.

How are you today? :)


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crazy life

It’s so good to finally take a moment to sit down and relax…even if it’s just for a bit! My weeks are filled with appointments, paper work, cleaning and trying to get my knee fully functioning again. And today I’m including taking care of my brother who is home sick. Playing mom isn’t the easiest thing in the world! I even spoiled the cats with tuna that I used to make lunch today! I feel just as busy as I have in the past…and I’m not even working or doing school currently! I guess this is what I get for being hit by a car? Kidding ;)

My weekend was swell, but too short. I wish I would have taken pictures but I was enjoying time with my family! Being at my grandma’s house always brings back good memories and I just love it there. I love that practically all my cousin’s have kids of their own. Seeing their little kiddies is so fun! I even taught little Makenna how to knit! It makes me happy to put my teaching skills to use :).
But now I’m home and things are getting crazy. I’ve got 3 (I think…) more appointments this week AND I might be heading down to Charleston again for more job stuff.
I’m thinking a Wes Anderson movie night with the bro is in order!



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