trying to find inspiration


Lately, I’ve found myself lacking inspiration. I feel like my daily life is very routine, stressful, and busy. I rarely have moments of actual relaxation. Among other things, I don’t feel like my usual self and I desperately want to get back to whoever I was and whatever I was working towards becoming. In an effort to find a muse or to bring back my inspiration, I am holding myself to a daily photo challenge. Whether it’s a photo with my iPhone, my SLR, or my DSLR, I want to hold myself accountable to make an effort to be something of an artist, to find that beauty in everyday life.

Monday, October 14, 2013: Marie and Alaska love to slink outside as soon I come home and open the door. My little stoop is small but paradise seems to come in the form of rolling around on the concrete for them. Also, Marie is getting really fat.



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  1. Your cats are adorable! Somehow cats can get away with being a little tubby around the middle.

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