life outtakes

Photo on 8-31-13 at 1.17 PM #5Photo on 8-31-13 at 1.18 PM

I’ve currently got Alaska snuggled up next to me and Marie is at my feet. I’m still in my Sunday best and Etta James is coming through my speakers. It’s moments like these I hold onto when my days seem dark.

It’s so nice to be back at photography in an artistic manner. As much as I loved it this summer, taking photos on film have so much more of a creative aspect. And the fact that I have will have three showpieces by the end of the semester make doing this so much cooler (there really is no better word to describe that, haha).

Other things that are wonderful:

  • I’ve lost weight. I don’t weigh myself for personal reason, so I don’t really know how much, but my pants fit looser and my belt is now too big. I’m going to beat this stupid condition of mine. I am.
  • I’m FINALLY making headway on knitting a blanket. My goal is to actually finish it.
  • I’m creating a website again this month. And doing a lot more design type things. It’s starting to feel like this life I’m working towards is actually happening.
  • There might be a second job in my near future…which I desperately need.
  • My talks with God each day reveal how great and loving He is.

I’m excited for this semester. Things are happening and I know that I’m gonna be great.

Also, this music is great. Check them out. Their sound gets right to my heart and fills my whole being.




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  1. Carolyn

    Those are all wonderful things!! I’m glad that you’re doing so well :)

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