milky way warmth

This is pretty much what my night looked like; sitting around the campfire, looking up at the stars while being in the company of some great friends. I saw the milky way for the first time tonight. And I also saw my first shooting star.

I don’t know why it took me all summer to do this, but there I was, laying on the ground, looking up at the sky, and scared to death what will happen after this last week of camp. Life is scary…did you know that? It’s full of wonder & mystery and sometimes that can get real frightening, not knowing what’s going to happen next, waiting for something to happen, or just plain confused. Sometimes we have so much to do, and we start to feel overwhelmed. And maybe, all of it’s happening at once and you have to keep reminding yourself to take your life one day at a time.

I always think I have this great plan for my life, then boom, out of nowhere something chances my life’s course and I’m having a hard time grasping that concept right now. It also doesn’t help that I really don’t want this camping season to be over.

Out here is a whole other world and my life back in Charleston seems so strange and foreign now.

I love these large open skies fill with clouds by day and billions of stars as far as the eye can see at night. My heart was made for the country.


photo credit to Summit42 on flickr


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  1. Carolyn

    Life can be scary, that’s for sure. But it can also be wildly exciting :)

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