I Swear I’m Around

blog beach photos

Oh hi. How are you, blog? I have to admit, I’ve missed you.

My life is being lived and it’s wonderful. It’s been rare for me to have moments to myself to think.
Some days I feel as if I’m living a dream, while other days, I feel so stressed that crying is the only thing to make it better.

But I honestly wouldn’t trade those tears for anything else. I am a camp photographer and it is the bee’s knees. My portfolio is growing as is my summer tan.

My confidence in myself has been increasing as well. My stretch marks are part of my beauty and I have a hips that don’t lie, a butt that won’t quit, and thighs like thunder. Overcoming my condition is hard work. But I feel good.

I love myself and all the potential that I have. Look out world.



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One response to “I Swear I’m Around

  1. Carolyn

    You go girl! My summers working at camp were definitely the best of my life. I hope you’re enjoying every minute of it :)

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