25 things before you’re 25

I will be 23 in less than a month. I can’t believe it. I don’t feel like I should be turning this age but yet, here we are.
Over the years, I’ve made a ton of mistakes. But I’ve also learned quite a bit and each day I’m becoming that much more mature. (which, to be honest, is hella scary but dude, I’m a freaking adult.)

A while back SrslyLiz posted on her tumblr this list of 25 things to do before you’re 25. Well, I know I’m not 25 just yet, but this is an awesome list and I’d like to share it with y’all.

Please note, this post is a tad wordy. But srsly, take the time to at least read the 25 things. :)

1. Make peace with your parents. Whether you finally recognize that they actually have your best interests in mind or you forgive them for being flawed human beings, you can’t happily enter adulthood with that familial brand of resentment.
I was definitely one of those kids who fought with their parents constantly all throughout high school. But I now know that my parents were really just wanting me to be my best and I can’t thank them enough. I love my parents to death and I know that no matter what, they are always here for me.

2. Kiss someone you think is out of your league; kiss models and med students and entrepreneurs with part-time lives in Dubai and don’t worry about if they’re going to call you afterward.
Bahaha, okay I don’t think I can mark this one off the list but I will always think my first boyfriend was a bit out of my league at the time. But really, all the boys/guys/men I’ve kissed have been pretty much in my league, haha.

3. Minimize your passivity.
Okay, if you’re like me, you had to think about what this one meant for a bit. My conclusion is that you need to learn to not be so uptight about things. I’ve got this one checked off. I’ve learned that things happen and they way you react them makes a world of difference. Bad things will happen to you, without a doubt. But if time is spent dwelling on them, then that gets us no where. You’ve got to learn from them and move on and make it better.

4. Work a service job to gain some understanding of how tipping works, how to keep your cool around assholes, how a few kind words can change someone’s day.
Check! I’m pretty sure my bro has definitely got this one checked.

5. Recognize freedom as a 5:30 a.m. trip to the diner with a bunch of strangers you’ve just met.
How about weekend trips to Chicago just because I can? :)

6. Try not to beat yourself up over having obtained a ‘useless’ Bachelor’s Degree. Debt is hell, and things didn’t pan out quite like you expected, but you did get to go to college, and having a degree isn’t the worst thing in the world to have. We will figure this mess out, I think, probably; the point is you’re not worth less just because there hasn’t been an immediate pay off for going to school. Be patient, work with what you have, and remember that a lot of us are in this together.
Well…I’m working on the degree part.

7. If you’re employed in any capacity, open a savings account. You never know when you might be unemployed or in desperate need of getting away for a few days. Even $10 a week is $520 more a year than you would’ve had otherwise.

8. Make a habit of going outside, enjoying the light, relearning your friends, forgetting the internet.
I think somedays I need to be reminded of this as I get frustrated with my design work, but I love enjoying the outdoors and living in the beauty of each day.

9. Go on a 4-day, brunch-fueled bender.
Haha, what? If this means eat brunch for 4 days straight, then I have got to get on this.
If this is referring to waking up late and then eating, then man, I’ve done this at least 20 times.

10. Start a relationship with your crush by telling them that you want them. Directly. Like, look them in the face and say it to them. Say, I want you. I want to be with you.
Noted :)

11. Learn to say ‘no’ — to yourself. Don’t keep wearing high heels if you hate them; don’t keep smoking if you’re disgusted by the way you smell the morning after; stop wasting entire days on your couch if you’re going to complain about missing the sun.
Saying no to myself is so hard to do sometimes. I hope I can get this down by the time I turn 25.

12. Take time to revisit the places that made you who you are: the apartment you grew up in, your middle school, your hometown. These places may or may not be here forever; you definitely won’t be.
Princeton is on my list of place I want to visit in the very near future.

13. Find a hobby that makes being alone feel lovely and empowering and like something to look forward to.
Reading, crafting, solo photography adventures, bike riding to the farmers market…:)

Okay. That’s enough for today. Check back tomorrow for the rest of the list! I’ll post a link to the original that I found :)




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  1. Carolyn

    I like this list!!

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