priming woes

No amount of photoshop will make what’s going on in this photo any better.

What is going on you may ask?
Priming. And a whole lot of it. Painting too. My week has been consumed by the two. And I’m pretty sure I’ve lost a few brain cells due to it all. And priming is seriously the worst. I don’t know if you’ve ever primed, or even just painted, but priming takes forever to wash off. Painting is nice because if it gets on you, it’ll come right off in the shower, but priming…nope. It’s here to stay. It’s like a clingy ex-boyfriend who won’t leave you alone or get off of you. Example, I showered and for a good 10 minutes I just scrubbed and scrubbed…and there is still a bunch of primer all over me.

Since this picture was taken, all the door frames and doors have been primed and painted with multiple coats. So that’s an awesome thing.

The Wesley Foundation, where I work, play, study, and hang out at, is getting a semi new look. The work is hard, on Tuesday I worked 12 hours, but the pay off is good. This place is such a wonderful place and a second home to many and making it more “user friendly” is definitely a good thing.

And thanks to Courtney, I’ve listened to a whole bunch of country for the past two weeks. I can’t complain!

So, this is what my life has been. And I’ll do a happy dance when it’s all done.



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  1. Carolyn

    Haha I liked the bit about the primer being a clingy ex b/f. I’m sure it will look great in the end!!

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