weekends that could go on forever

Oh what a lovely weekend I’ve had. It’s been filled with delicious food, amazing friends and sleep. Oh my goodness, I love having my weekend to sleep in. It’s like..a reward for all the hard work I’ve put in throughout the week. And boy do I love rewards. I’m trying to think of my favorite thing from this weekend but I really can’t. Friday was wonderful because after work I got Thai food with the ever lovely Carolyn (who was my house guest) and Pat and stuffed myself silly. And I got to experience the bar that is Marty’s and rang in Josh’s birthday. What a guy. Saturday was relaxing and chill & Sunday was filled with Foundation activities, ending with an amazing small group and movie time with Sarah.
Can every weekend just extend itself a few more days?
I guess that’s what we have vacations for

Also, this girl is amazing. I love spending time with her.



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