a letter to my natural self

Oh hello Face. You are looking quite clean. Which is a good thing since I just gave you a good washing. You look different than you did earlier today. Around the eyes were so heavy and dark and your lips were quite colorful. I’m not saying this is a bad thing. But I tend to like you without all that. I actually tend to like you a lot more. Why do you put a mask on every day? Are you afraid of someone seeing your imperfections? I know there are a few blemishes residing upon you but I know they’ll go away soon. Are you afraid of someone knowing the real you? You shouldn’t be. You are quite lovely and I wish you like yourself just as much as others do.
Face, you’ve got some nice eyes. It makes me sad sometimes when you try to make them look better. I think they are wonderful they way they are! I know you can’t really see or read that well but please don’t feel silly wearing glasses. They help you see the beauty in this world and in others.

You should know that your chin, nose and teeth are just as beautiful as your eyes. I like you much more as this, in your natural state. Yes, you may be vulnerable, but you are undoubtedly my Face and that is something special because you are the only face like this in the world.

Please remember that you are beautiful, Face.





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2 responses to “a letter to my natural self

  1. the simple temple.


  2. Carolyn

    This is wonderful!! Very inspiring :)

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