one thousand words aren’t enough

It’s quite strange how one picture can make your eyes well up and you just start crying. My great aunt Marilyn passed away two weeks ago. Sometime I still don’t think it’s true. How can someone who is so full of life and energetic and whom I just saw at Christmas just die all of a sudden? It’s not easy. And maybe the thought that kills me more than anything is how my family is taking it and how much they are affected by it.

My grandmother is looking onto her sister in this photo. I don’t think older siblings should have to see their younger sibling die. I guess it’s kinda like how parents shouldn’t have to bury their children. This photo kills my heart because I know my grandmother is already suffering from so much pain physically and how she has this emotional pain.

And while I couldn’t have gone to Kansas for her funeral, I know even though things may be crappy for a little while, someday they’ll start looking up again.

I’m so glad I got to spend some time with Marilyn in this last year. I know God had a reason for her to start coming to more family gatherings and I’m glad I got to know her that much better.

And she gave me this pretty neat watch when I saw her for Kyle and Ashley’s wedding. It’s nice to have something to remember her by.



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