morning routine

My favorite thing about mornings is not only getting to decided what I’m eating on dinner break, but it’s having this lovely routine of getting myself ready for the day. I love waking up to my alarm, having the cats curled up to me and then taking a shower, dress, feed cats, eat breakfast and relaxing for a moment. It’s honestly something new for me since I used to just wake up, put on some clothes and head out the door (woo college). But for now, I like this sense of control.

And making my lunch? Best thing ever. I do this thing where I pick out healthy foods and then I just honestly feel better about everything. For at least a little bit. And avocados are pretty much the bees knees. Kaitlyn tip: they go great on top of a spinach salad.

Things are looking better, I’m feeling happier and Alaska keep on insisting that my lap can hold both her and my computer. (Spoiler alert: it really can’t.)



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One response to “morning routine

  1. Carolyn

    Yay! I’m glad you’re feeling happier!! Mornings can definitely be good :)
    Haha yeah when I was dogsitting, the little dog kept trying to sit in my lap when I had my laptop sitting in it. Silly pets!!

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