downtown kansas city

Back in August, I went to Kansas City to visit family and for my cousin’s wedding, which was amazing. The day after the wedding, I was yearning to go out and explore the city some. My parents went out for a few hours, walked around and had a fun time seeing the city. Cities excite me, they really do! But I don’t think I could ever reside in one. I like living in small towns too much!

First stop: Union Station. I love exploring places like this.

Walking over to this mall portion that was connect to the station by this glass walkway. Pretty awesome (and it was nice for hot days!)

Hello City!

These were soaps!

Boy do I miss summer. And I now want an ice cream cone.

After walking around, I really wanted to stop and see if this one shop was open that we saw on our way. And this was a most amazing shop. Check out the blog tomorrow for some lovely pictures of this fabulous shop!




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2 responses to “downtown kansas city

  1. Carolyn

    I agree! Exploring cities as so much fun!!

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