copper eagle

Yesterday, I headed over to the Copper Eagle. I adore this place. First off. It looks like a small shop from the outside, but let me tell you, there is so much to this place. There are over 50 sections of vendors that have their own little unique treasures. I probably head into here once a month. I generally have an idea of something (or a few things) that I keep my eye out for. I’m recently on the look for a chair for my writing desk in my front room. And I’m always looking for a decent priced bird cage. But I love to look around and see if can find any treasures for my home.

That bird cage was a good contender. But not the price I wanted, nor exactly what I was looking for.

Hello! :)

I liked this one too. But I wasn’t in love with it.

So this part of the place is probably my favorite. In here are ALWAY the quirkiest and most fun thing. And I just adore all the color.

I’m really digging the striped pillows.

So much color! I’m instantly in love!

Almost considered getting these bowls. Almost…

These aprons are just the cutest. I once found one in here that I purchased and use almost every day. And this bright pink wicker large magazine holder is seriously just darling. I would love to put this at the foot of my bed!

Love this cute kitchen set up with a precious blue theme. And I might have to head back this week and pick up one of the recipe boxes!

Okay, so this may be the most interesting thing I found! It looks like it could be a vase but I think it was originally something that held mint cream since there was a faded sticker on it that read crème de menthe. Way awesome! If it wasn’t so expensive, I would’ve snatched it up!

And these charming pots! Loved these!

I ended up bringing home a neat table cloth for $4 :) I did actually find a birdcage that I’m actually considering buying. But I’ve got to make sure it’s the one that I want! So we shall see.



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  1. Carolyn

    Oh man! I’m so behind on reading your blogs! Whoops! But this stuff is all so adorable!! :)

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