that accomplished and satisfied feeling that you can never fully describe

Greetings from a hotel room! My weekend is coming to a close and I’m at a lost for words. I feel happy, excited, scared, overwhelmed, tired and a million other things. But mostly, I feel satisfied. There is this realization that just overtook me and I feel so compelled to just shout it from the top of a huge building. I know I’m finally doing what I’m called to do with my life. I’m  doing something that I’m genuinely good at. Amazing.
I honestly just want to bottle up this feeling forever, opening the jar it’s kept in every so often when I feel unsatisfactory and no-good. Wouldn’t that be cool though if you could bottle up all the good feelings?


P.S. I finally figured out some stuff blog wise and I just feel so happy about it. I almost wish I didn’t desperately need sleep so I could hold on to this feeling.



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2 responses to “that accomplished and satisfied feeling that you can never fully describe

  1. I know EXACTLY how this feels :) I force myself to stay up and be really productive with the force of this feeling hahaha. I can’t wait to hear more stories!

    Belly B :)

  2. Carolyn

    This makes me SO happy!!!! I’m so proud of you hun and SO glad that you like the place you’re at right now (emotionally). I totes agree that it would be awesome if we could put all our good feelings in a bottle and then go back to them when we need them! Let’s work on figuring that out, kay? :)

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