my little family.

I love my little family.

This is Alaska (on my chest) and Marie (on top of the chair). They are my darling kitties and we hang out quite often. From early morning purrs in my ears, obnoxious meows at 7:30 AM telling me they want breakfast, to many nap time cuddles, wrestling matches with each other and constant curiousness; these kittens have a huge hold of my heart and they make me smile.
I love my darlings.

And I didn’t forget out Felix. Mr. Hamster is old and cranky and chooses to sleep most of them time. I love my buddy too.




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4 responses to “my little family.

  1. Thank you for sharing your beautiful kittens with us:)

  2. such sweet kittens! they do make good little companions.

  3. Carolyn

    Your kitties are just the sweetest little darlings ever!! I’m so glad that you all have each other :)

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