calming milk

Sometimes a simple glass of chocolate milk in the morning makes everything better. Especially when you’ve been dealing with hives from an allergic reaction.

Summer has flown by so quickly already. This upcoming weekend is my Peer Minister retreat and then the weekend after that is my cousin’s wedding! And in less than a month, classes start and which my birthday is the same day :)
I’ve been busy working, hanging out with my kittens and Felix, spending wonderful time  my lovely Foundation friends and crafting for my upcoming Etsy site (more on that later!). I’ve been living on my own which has been a new experience for me but I think I’ve grown a lot. Being responsible for yourself completely is a big step and sometimes I have to remind myself that I’m going to be 22 in less than a month. There’s always a part of me that still wants to be a teenager and just live at home with my parents and I wonder if that feeling is the same for most young adults. I could be me just missing my family but sometimes all of this stresses me out. That’s when I need to remind myself to take a deep breath, take one thing at a time and just be trusting.

How are you today? :)



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One response to “calming milk

  1. Carolyn

    I think you’re doing a great job living on your own!! Look at us :) I’m so proud of us!! And no I don’t think you’re the only one who sometimes wishes you could still live at home. I would choose Charleston first lol, but then def home. It’s just nice being surrounded by people who care about you. But you just gotta realize that they still care about you just as much even if you’re not there!

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