simple life

Today is my day off from serving ice cream to cute kids and what did I do with this lovely day? Relax and clean of course!

Where I spent most of my morning :)

After making (a very late!) breakfast and doing dishes, my kitchen is cleaned!

The yummy blueberry muffins I made :)

This is what is hanging on my front door. I won it from the awesome Abbey at aesthtic outburst :) She’s super talented and her kids are super cute!

Oh hello grungy Kaitlyn.
You can also see my new mirror I crafted the other night :)

After showering, doing more cleaning and what not, Felix and I played in the grass outside

“Mom! I don’t want my picture taken! I wanna play!”

I also made an awesome dinner!

And I enjoyed a good glass of wine :)

I love cooking :)

And with an evening of listening to Ruth Etting, Doris Day and The Boswell Sisters, life is just simply lovely :)




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5 responses to “simple life

  1. Hello! Thanks for your comment! The pumps are 6 1/2 :)

  2. Oh, hello name twin!!
    I totally clicked on your blog after I saw your comment appear before mine on another one I was commenting on… and I have to say I love what I see so far!!

    I really like this space! It’s so simple and darling. It reminds me a lot of my first apartment I lived in.

  3. Awww :) Lovely photos! I love your kitchen!

  4. this is the cutest, so is your kitchen. xx

  5. Carolyn

    Ahh sorry I’ve gotten so bad about reading these! I promise I’ll do better now!! :)
    You are just the cutest thing ever! I’ve always admired how independent you are…and how happy you are with that!! You’re great, and I love you :)

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