i’m a bad blogger…

Where do I even begin???? Life has got really crazy and the last two weeks I spent cleaning for this older woman, babysitting, job interviews, getting a job (yay!) and packing and moving. And spending time with my best friend. And now I’ve started working. AND unpacking, which is such a long task…

Life has gotten in the way and I just get too tired to write anything! But now that I have my own place again (with an awesome roommate, might I add!) I have more time to do what I want and what I need to get done. I wake up in the morning and I’m excited for life. I’m productive and relaxed and I love it. This place is so wonderful too (I just love gushing about it).

I promise I’ll be a better blogger and wish me luck with my first week of living on my own again :)

PS: isn’t my little Felix just the cutest?

My roommate just loves him :)

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One response to “i’m a bad blogger…

  1. yay for new chapters in life!

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