a lot to love

Even though Valentine’s day is an commercialized holiday, it still brings up the fact that there are some of us who don’t have a *loved one* or significant other in our life. And that’s okay. It can still be hard though. I’m okay with being single right now…I actually kinda love it! Free to flirt, time to get my own life in order and just to figure things out. But that doesn’t mean yesterday was all that easy for me. I’ve just got out of a pretty serious relationship, and when that person has already moved on to someone new, it can be hard. But I figured why spend the whole day going, “woo is me!” and being sad. Valentine’s day should be about love and so I took sometime and wrote down some names of people who I loved and who I knew loved me.
And to show my family I loved them? I made them a whole meal…all by myself :) (It was actually the first time I made a whole dinner for more than one person…not just the main dish or something!)
And to end my evening off right? I made myself a blanket fort and got some things off my to do list.

There is so much to love in my life and I’m so grateful for my awesomely rad and loving family who are there for me no matter what, my friend’s who support and love me constantly and I have a pretty awesome cat who doesn’t care if I’m peeing on the toilet, she’ll find a way to get loved no matter what :)

All in all, if you are single, it’s okay! If yesterday was just a big pile of suck, take today to think about all the love you have in your life. Make today better!
And if you are lucky enough to have a special someone in your life…cherish it :)

Let yourself be amazed by what all you have in your life <3


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