amaze on the web {week 6}

I’ve been a terrible blogger this week…but in my defense things have been a little crazy! Anyway, here are some amazing things I’ve found on the web this week. And keep your eyes open for a helpful (maybe hopefully?) Valentine’s day post :)

Oh word. Hipster Ariel is my most favorite thing this week I think. So quality!

a) This is perfect and b) why have I not heard about this before? Such a rad idea I found on Design Milk. Multi Lines are seriously the smartest thing ever.

This video is so rad. I saw a while ago and I was just reminded about how beautiful this art is <3

I’m in total lust with these Gypsy Loop Crowns by Moorea Seal. I’m going to snag one someday soon. Ps, check out her funny accent video :)

I posted this on my tumblr a few days ago…but I really want this.

Betsy Walton is one of my new favorite artist. Isn’t it just lovely?

I love playing around with fun things on the internet. Check this out. So fun :) I made the one above!

Iron and Wine have a new CD out! Going to iTunes right now…
(PS, isn’t the cover art incredibly amazing?)

Sorry if this totally creeps you out, but I have never seen anything so amazing as the human body. And eyes are my favorite. How beautiful and spectacular is this?

And to end, I am getting this for traveling someday. You just wait and see :)


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