cupcakes and hot coco

Here in Illinois, we are getting a lot of snow. If you haven’t heard of the “Snowocalypse”, then you probably don’t live in the Midwest (or out east!). Every school that I know of is canceled tomorrow and so I get the day home with my bro. Sometimes when I get cold, baking is the one thing that can warm up my heart! I made myself rainbow cupcakes and homemade frosting and I had a blast. Cooking just makes my heart happy :)

And what goes better with cupcakes than some yummy hot coco?

I painted my nails in a lovely sparkely gold and I just feel happy :)

PS: totally check out my new hoop I put in today in the first picture! I’m totally digging it :)

What do you do with a snow day?


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One response to “cupcakes and hot coco

  1. We’re drinking gallons of tea – gallons. Literally. We have a whole drawer, and we’re wrapping ourselves around mugs like cats. I can’t wait until spring! xo

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