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Let me ask you a question. Do you feel attractive? Beautiful? Gorgeous? If you asked me this question a week ago, I probably would have said no. But why? Why don’t I feel beautiful enough? Is it because of my knee scars? Or I think my hands are too short? Or is it because I walk funny and I don’t fit into a size two? A week ago, those would have been just some of the excuses I would give for believing that I’m not beautiful. But you know what. I am. And so are you.

I always like going through my computer and looking at everything I have saved and just cleaning everything up. I was going through my bookmarks and I had found that I had a page for the movie America the Beautiful saved. Being in the mood for a good movie, I watched it. And as strange as it seems, I think it may have changed my life! This documentary movie made by Darryl Roberts is so eye opening as to what the standard of beauty is for women in America. In his movie, Darryl see all three sides of what really effect women: image issues, eating disorders and the modeling industry. He tells about how there is a web of misery created and that plastic surgeons, the media and even men just keep helping and encouraging this. What really just got to me is how some of the men he interviewed flat out said they would never date an “ugly” chick, only the girls with big boob and who are super skinny. I hate to tell you this you pigs, but that is not the only ideal kind of beauty. That’s just what magazines tell us. Roberts also interviewed a young 12 year old girl who said she was ugly. It just saddens me that this is what is happening to our young girls out there. And even I’ve fallen victim to that. Without going into to much detail, I can let you know that ever since junior high, I’ve hated my body and myself. I constantly wanted to be popular and sexy and accepted.
And I am. I have a beautiful smile, a radiant personality, wonderful hair and breath taking eyes! I now know that I am beautiful inside and out. I believe life is too short and we should live every moment feeling beautiful and joyous. Even with a rash and messy hair, I feel more beautiful than I ever have.

I really encourage you to do two things:
1. Watch America the Beautiful. I have a link here for you to watch it online if you would like. I don’t care if your male or female. Everyone should watch this movie.
2. Think of all the ways you are beautiful. Think of all the ways the women are you are beautiful. And everyday, tell yourself, “I am beautiful.”

Because you are :)

I used this article for a little bit of help :)


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  1. great post Kaitlyn. when I was your age I was still struggling with the belief that I could only be proud of myself if I managed to skip eating meals & just deal with being hungry. weight obsession is a tricky thing. let’s all just be healthy!

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