amaze on the web {week 4}

Out of Print clothing is my new favorite online t-shirt store. Book titles on shirts are seriously the best thing. I mean, what better way to let those smart boys what kind of books you read before you meet them? :) And book covers are such wonderful works of art and wear them around is just the coolest thing ever. I either want The Great Gatsby one above or this To Kill a Mockingbird one.

I stumbled across We Make Words this week and I love it so much. Such a creative way to write out words and it’s just really inspiring.

This article about confidence touches my heart every time I read it

This pencil chime idea I saw on Design Sponge is a really cool idea. I think this would be perfect to give your favorite teacher or artist :)

Before I die is the neatest thing ever. What do you want to do before you die? I want to be the best me I can possibly be and to make my parents proud <3

This is such a neat idea from Iris. I’m definitely going to have to do this simple diy someday

Isn’t this the coolest beyond cool pizza idea? Thank you Matt Brown!

Ever heard of the Dancing Plague?

I love this DJ! When I get married, I’m calling him, haha


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One response to “amaze on the web {week 4}

  1. Bee

    I love the t shirts! i need to get one of these so bad! I want Gatsby or Nancy Drew. umm i hope they dont carry the Lolita one in kids sizes… that would just be awkward for someone to put on their daughter..

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