t-shirt yarn diy

I have a whole lot of t-shirts that I have no use for anymore. They really are useless and not very flattering either! I was trying to find a fun way to reuse them and I’ve seen idea for knitted or crocheted rugs using old clothes, so I decided to make t-shirt yarn!

What you need:
An old t-shirt
and that’s it!

cut off belly part of the shirt. Also cut off the bottom part as it will be useless to you!

Fold your fabric in half, leaving about an inch at the top so that the yarn will be one continuous piece.

Cut your fabric in strips. Cut all the way through the top part but make sure you don’t cut through the one inch that you left!

Now this part can be kinda tricky. You’ll want to open up the one inch part. At an angle, you’re going to cut one strip to the other, but make sure you’re not cutting the strips that are right across from each other!

Now you have one long string! What your going to do next is run it all through your hands, pulling and stretching it a bit to make it longer and smaller.

Roll it up into a ball and voila! You’re done :)

I so many more to do but it’s such a great way to reuse what you already have :) Also, keep the sleeves from the t-shirt! I have another fun idea of how you can reuse that part too :)


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