probably the best dish I’ve ever made

I’ve got a lot on my to-do list today and I’m about to get my hair cut but I wanted to post this totally delicious dish I made Thursday night! It’s like…heaven in your mouth. Seriously.

This potato casserole is seriously so good. Thanks to Emma‘s recipe, I made my parents and brother this amazing meal.

It’s so easy! I did mine a little different from the original but still…if you love potatoes and goodness, you’ll love this.

What I did different:
I used 9 red potatoes
I didn’t have cream! But we had heavy cream. So I just did half heavy cream, half water.
I’d recommend having your butter pretty soft.
I added bacon! It was definitely a good choice :)
And I also probably used more cheese than what was called for, haha :)

You can totally make this yourself by clicking here for the recipe. Enjoy!


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  1. Great comfort food, perfect this time of year!

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