amaze on the web {week 3}

This week’s amaze on the web. As always, you can click the images for the original post!

I absolutely love this embellished sock idea from Alisa Burke. It’s such a neat idea and it looks super easy. Something I’m definitely going to try sometime soon!

This is probably the coolest charm DIY I’ve ever seen. Chelsea is so creative!

I love love LOVE the new She & Him music video. If you haven’t seen it already, check it out here :)

Liz is totally rocking this cute hair bow this week :)

I’ve been so envious of gorgeous homes I’ve seen all over the web.

This fun making a custom day planner DIY from Kyla Roma is exactly what I need! Bookmarking!

I love supporting a good cause. ESPECIALLY if it involves fashion! Hannah Lenore is raising money to do mission work in Africa by selling these simply wonderful dresses. I highly urge you to check it out and help her out!

These are so incredible. Probably the swellest cookies around for sure.

I HAVE to see this movie. Mixing gnomes and Shakespeare? Hello! This just screams my kind of movie!

Adobe apologizing for using this photo (on their Facebook page, but it’s been removed now) without permission


Okay! I’m ready to cuddle with my cat and get warm under my electric blanket! :)


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