how to be less sad

I’ve been sad lately. Well, not as sad I was this past semester, but there are moments where I just get sad. I mean, yes, I got hit by a car, had terrible and now I’m newly single, so being sad is just something that’s going happen, right? Well, yes, but I’m so sick of it! Being happy and joyous is just something that’s always been me, and I’ve lost it somewhere! In an effort to get it back, I’m going to do things to make me not sad anymore. So I’m introducing….

Finding things that are happy in my life will make me happier and a better person. And really, that’s what we all want to do, is be better. Each week, I’ll think and find things to make me happy. Everyday, I’ll do at least one thing to be happy. If you make the effort to be happy, then it’ll just be a part of your daily life by itself! And even if you are generally happy, finding more ways to be happy is always a good thing :)

And now, my ways of how to be less sad this next week!

taking a bubble bath. Or a long hot shower. Shave your legs! Let yourself relax :)

wear something you made (like this hat I made over the weekend!)
get out of the house! sometimes it’s just best to go somewhere and explore!
listen to Edith Piaf. old French music always makes me happy
or you can listen and watch She & Him’s new music video :)
write down ten things you love about yourself
drink lots of water
try your very hardest to not to be judgmental.
dress up for no reason at all
stop doing what makes you sad! this may be easier for some than others, but if, for example, you just broke up with your significant other and you keep checking their facebook profile, stop it. It’s not healthy!

Go find your happy :)



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3 responses to “how to be less sad

  1. Carolyn

    Katilyn, my love, I think this an amazing idea!!!! I am so proud of you! <3

  2. Hi cousin, am enjoying your new blog. Having had Sad happen a few times I’ve also learned the joy & necessity of distracting yourself from sadness. Love your idea! Even when it is the little things making you happy, they all add up!

  3. Lizzy

    Sometimes to make myself less sad in winter I put sunless tanner on my pale legs and sit in shorts and look at them and pretend it’s summertime.

    … it helps. :)

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