amaze on the web {week 2}

I’m going to Charleston for the day and I’m super excited! But I wanted to share real fast my amaze on the web this week :) Click the images to go to the original post or link!

  • I absolutely love this stationary! Dear Hancock makes the most beautiful cards:)

  • This 2011 printable calender from Creature Comforts is simply lovely. I’m printing one out for myself!

  • This fun confetti bow how to is AWESOME! Hello Sandwich makes the coolest things ever! I mean, seriously, such a neat idea to make a unique and cute bow :)

  • Diana from ourcitylights blogged about Nintendo celebrating 25 years of fun! As a gamer nerd and Nintendo lover myself, I was super happy when reading this post. Definitely give it a look if you love Mario and such as much as I do :)

  • I absolutely love these crocheted bike dress guards I found on Design Sponge. Something I need for my bike? Yes!

  • I love these cute miniature blankets from Aesthetic Outburst. Definitely something fun for the kiddies!

  • I totes want an iPhone and this sweet Polaroid decal I found on Design Sponge makes me want it even more. PLUS on February 10th, the iPhone 4 will be available for Verizon!

  • I must confess…I absolutely love cats! And this cute 15 Ways to Organize Your Cats from Buzzfeed is super fun :)

Have a good weekend all! I’ll be in Iowa with family and no internet. I think it’ll be a nice break for two days :)


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