new new new!

Sometimes it’s really nice to have something just a little bit new in your life! Today, I got three! Sounds like a pretty successful Sunday, no?

My first new was I decided to download a free trial version of Photoshop Elements. I tried out Gimp yesterday and did not like it. I’ve been toying around with the idea of getting Photoshop, but it always seemed so expensive to me. I was talking with dad about it and he asked me if I had looked at Photoshop Elements which I found to be much cheaper! So, currently I’m giving it a 30 day test run and after that I think I might just get it!
Well, with my Photoshop Elements, I decided to make myself a header for this here blog! So, a new blog design! Now, I don’t know how to do HTML format or anything yet, so this is just how I’ll have my blog once I *eventually* teach myself a little and enough to design something myself.

And the last one that I just love is my new planner that I got from Target! It’s giraffe print, brown and green and small and simple…perfect for what I need! I’m very excited to start using it!

Also, today is one of those days where I a) contemplate using my mother’s Snuggie and b) cuddle up under a warm blanket!

I’m thinking hot chocolate or tea tonight.


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  1. Van

    The new header is lovely! :)

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