links i like

image from imgfav
  • This is the most adorable version of Home I’ve ever seen. “Someday I’m going to whistle?” Seriously! Pulls at my heart<3
  • Up themed birthday party! All the colors are my favorite!
  • I saw this on tumblr the other day…and I don’t know why, but I couldn’t stop laughing!
  • Some simply lovely cupcakes!
  • youareremarkable posts some of the most inspiring, uplifting and beautiful post I’ve seen. Check out their latest about body loving
  • Pretty darn awesome music painting video. Worth the watch
  • As I’m very recently experiencing heart break, these quotes are very helpful and the perfect read for me today <3
  • This looks so yummy! Maybe going to have to make this sometime soon!
  • How to be a 20-something. A good read for anyone in their 20’s :)


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2 responses to “links i like

  1. The fruit salad thing was hilarious.

  2. I’m so happy you liked “body beautiful.” :)

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