super craziness!

Wow! Things have been super crazy! My first great news is that my leg is healing wonderfully! The stitches have come out and I’m starting to walk without a brace or crutch! Well, just around the house, but still, I feel like it’s a great improvement! Second great news, I have practically everything moved into my new place with Kayla. While I’m taking a semester off from school, I’ll move in down there once I can work and my life will become much better. Living with someone so sweet is definitely going to have it’s perks! Plus, it’s a quiet neighborhood, it’s very close to a park AND downtown. What could be better? :)

I have so many fun blog ideas and I’m excited to start them! 2010 was just a terrible year for me and while I know the my brother thinks that New Year’s resolutions are silly (because he thinks it shouldn’t be different from any other day), I believe that the new year can really bring a sense of hope, confidence and most of all, the will to do it all. A good friend told me some great advice. He said, “Live your life as if your driving a car and where you are going is your future and behind you is your past. You look behind you to check and see but you don’t focus on it, or you crash. This is how you should live your life. Focus on the road ahead, but it’s okay to check your past.” For so long I’ve been focused on my past, but no more. I believe that 2011 is going to be my year. This is the year that I can conquer anything. I will be strong. I will get things done. And I will not procrastinate (as much as I can! lol). And you know what, 2011 can be your year too.

Coming up in my blog will be a post about 10 ways to love yourself and a fun DIY for your nails :)


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  1. Van

    So sorry 2010 was terrible for you, but I know you can be 2011 much better! Happy new year and good luck to you!

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